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A Multi-Talented Free Spirit

At the age of 10 I developed a speech impediment. Once an outgoing kid, I became very shy and insecure. I picked up guitar as a way to escape and singing a couple months later. Music became my safe place. I practiced and practiced until I could play guitar and sing at the same time. I joined my school's worship band in 7th grade and a year a later, my church's worship band. I felt so free being able to share my voice while conveying a powerful message. As I got older I battled insecurity and self doubt. I was embarrassed by the way that I spoke and I felt that my voice didn't matter. Because of that, I picked up songwriting after a really hard summer of anxiety and depression. Singing covers was fun but there was nothing like writing my own songs. I was able to take the pain and turn it into something real and beautiful. Because of the struggles I went through, I was given inspiration to write songs about the human condition. Everyone faces trials and tribulations but music is such a powerful catalyst for positive change. When words fail, music speaks!

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